Windows 7 Ultimate is the highest in all editions, & was targeted at trang chính PC users. Ultimate & Enterprise editions are almost identical in terms of features, only licensing plans and nâng cấp options are different. The 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate support up to lớn 4 GB RAM while the 64-bit version supports up khổng lồ 192 GB RAM. Compared lớn Home Premium & Professional, the Ultimate version has more features like BitLocker Drive sầu Encryption and Multilingual User Interface. Windows 7 supports a maximum of 1 physical processor in trang chủ Basic & Home Premium Edition, while Ultimate Edition supports 2 physical processor.

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Service packs include ISOs, Edition N, và Language Paông chồng are included in the tải về thực đơn.

Update - The August 2018 update ISO has also been added to lớn the tải về menu.

Update 2- Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 20trăng tròn. If you are still using Windows 7, your PC may be more vulnerable to security risks. Cliông chồng here lớn know more. We suggest usingWindows 10on all your PCs.

General information (for all editions)

Windows 7 (the successor to lớn Windows Vista) was released to lớn the public on October 22, 2009, and was more successful than Windows Vista. The graphical user interface of Windows 7 is similar to Windows Vista, glass-like interface design (known as Windows Aero) is available in all versions of Windows 7 (except the Starter Edition). Compared to the earlier version, many new features have been added khổng lồ the user interface, such that the taskbar can now pin the phầm mềm, users can use the pholớn slideshow as a desktop wallpaper, rethiết kế of Windows Explorer and Notification area, new jump menu thực đơn when right-cliông chồng in the taskbar app, new keyboard shortcuts khổng lồ control UI elements, new Window management features, and much more.

There are some new features và functionality available in Windows 7 that are not available in Windows Vista such as, Libraries in Winidows Explorer, Multi-Touch enabled, ứng dụng work progress in taskbar, Devices and Printers in control panel, Device Stage, easy dual monitor cài đặt, home group , Microsoft Virtual PC, VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) file format support, và many improvements in performance & hardware support. Your favorite pre-installed apps lượt thích Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player và Windows Media Center come with the lakiểm tra version in Windows 7.

Windows 7 overall more stable,ÂÂsecure, and improved version of Vista. There are 6 different editions of Windows 7, which are Starter, trang chủ Basic, trang chủ Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Except the Starter, all versions are available for 32 and 64-bit capable systems. A service pachồng and platform update was issued by Microsoft for Windows 7. Both service paông chồng & platsize update include hardware / software tư vấn improvements, while the platform update include new version of IE browser, Internet Explorer 10.

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Specification (Ultimate edition)

Available in100+ languages
CPU Platform(s)IA-32, x86-64








System requirements

Minimum for Ultimate edition:

1 GHz processor or higher.1GB of RAM.20GB of không tính tiền disk space.

Installation instructions (for clean installation)

Starting installer in PC (via USB)

Follow the steps given below:

Download the Windows 7 ISO image tệp tin from the download section.Plug in a USB flash drive sầu (at least 8-16 GB of space) with your computer.Open the USB bootable creation software, & select the ISO image tệp tin of Windows 7, & start the process.As soon as done, plug the bootable USB into a system where you want lớn install Windows 7.Restart the computer.Press the boot device menu key & select USB to lớn boot first.Select USB device và start the Windows 7 installer.

Starting installer in VMware

Download the Windows 7 ISO image file from the tải về section.Launch the VMware Player, và start creating a new virtual machine.Select the ISO image tệp tin of Windows 7, và use the default settings for the virtual machine.Start the virtual machine and go to lớn the Windows 7 installer.

Starting installer in VirtualBox

Download the Windows 7 ISO image tệp tin from the download section.Launch the Virtualbox application on your computer, and start creating a new virtual machine.Select Windows 7 & use defualternative text settings for the virtual machine.Start VM & when it asks to select the Host Drive sầu, then select the downloaded Windows 7 ISO tệp tin in step 1.

Last step

As soon as you go lớn the Windows 7 install screen, follow the steps given below:

Select language, time, etc. settings, go khổng lồ next, và press "Install Now".Select the installation type on Custom (Advanced).On the partition selection screen, if your PC already has a Windows installed, then select Windows Drive & format the partition. Or, select the Unallocated space, cliông chồng the Drive sầu Options liên kết và create a new partition.Select the primary partition, press Next, and start the installation.Wait while Windows 7 is being installed on your PC, your computer may restart several times during installation, don"t press any key & vày not eject the USB drive sầu.After the installation is complete, create a user trương mục and follow the instructions on the screen.As soon as you go to the Windows 7 desktop screen, remove the USB flash drive & activate your windows.

The sản phẩm activation key is not included in the download tệp tin, please use your own.

Download help

In the tải về menu, "x86" stands for 32-bit editions, "x64" is for 64-bit versions and "SP" stands for Service Pachồng.