How is the performance of the Warriors All Stars PC Port? I've had my fair nói qua of problems with other Koei games, e.g. Spirit of Sanadomain authority. Does this game have similar issues?

My specs for anyone curious:


It always worked fine for me, 60 FPS all the time except some drop during some stages where fire is involved (basically, 2 and for 2 minutes each). It's definitely a better port than SoS.

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game performs best on PC oddly. the Ps4 version feels like the problematic port in comparison. You can go 60fps with no real issues. But yeah the game is kinda plain & straightforward

not sure it has the weird XB1 controller issue like the others since i use a dualshoông xã 4 through steamBP

running on 16gb ram : Gtx 1060 6gb : i7-8750H

Perfomance wise or gameplay wise?

I've sầu heard most people dislượt thích it because its story is lacking. And apparently it gets kinda stale fast.

The gameplay itself is pretty enjoyable, and the movesets are fun. It's just lacking in post-game content.

I think the only issue with the port is the optimization. I tested the game using a 1050ti, and it seemed to hover around 35-60 fps on max settings. Which is still playable mind you, but not as nice as a stable 60fps.

If you have sầu an Xbox controller (or similar), it will show the proper onscreen button icons, unlike their older ports.

Koei ports can be separated into lớn 3 explicit eras:

- Good port, but ported version is not the best - DW8 has PS3 graphics when there was already a PS4 version. DOA5 is based on Arcade (PS3) version, & lacks tons of contents from the PS4 version, One Piece Musou 3 also seems khổng lồ be PS3/Vita based.

- Best graphics, but worst ports - Arslan, Berserk, và SW4 Spirit of Sanadomain authority have sầu great graphics, but they require absurd hardware & are buggy (special mention of Spirit of Sanada here).

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- Actually good ports that feel native sầu - Warrquả táo All-Stars, Dynasty Warriors 9 and Warriors Orođưa ra 4, most likely DoA6 will be the same. The game can, with certain hardware, run better than the PS4 version, with little to lớn no exclusive bugs.

It worked fine for me but as a game I wouldn't recommover it. Gets real boring real fast and there's a lot of furries


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