If you have sầu a 64-bit capable machine, you may want lớn nâng cấp from 32-bit Windows khổng lồ 64. Unfortunately, the tăng cấp, while quite possible, isn't easy.

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I’m using Windows 10, 32-bit on a computer with 64-bit hardware. How vì I upgrade lớn 64-bit Windows? I have 10 GB of RAM on my computer.
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RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. This is the part of your computer that holds the programs & data you’re actually using right now.(Click on the term for full definition.)
">RAM for 64-bit Windows. By running 32-bit, you’ve only been using, at most, four gigabytes of your
When discussing computers, memory specifically refers khổng lồ a computer’s RAM, or Random Access Memory.(Cliông xã on the term for full definition.)

Unfortunately, the path lớn get there from here isn’t as easy as we might want.

Current hardware

Almost all PCs sold in the last decade or so are 64-bit capable. Older machines may still have sầu older versions of Windows running on them, và some of them — like yours — may be running 32-bit versions, even though they could run 64-bit.

Any new machine purchased today will almost certainly come with the 64-bit version of Windows 10, particularly if it has, or can be upgraded, to lớn more than four gigabytes of RAM. Cheông xã your system properties to see which edition you have. In Windows 10, right-cliông chồng on the Start thực đơn, click on System (in other versions, right-cliông chồng on Computer/My Computer/My PC in the Start menu), và click on Properties.


There is no “upgrade”

The only way lớn switch from 32-bit Windows khổng lồ 64-bit Windows is with a clean install. There is no path for an nâng cấp that would bởi things like preserving installed programs và settings. You must start over from scratch.

“Upgrade” steps

Since an “upgrade” from 32 khổng lồ 64 bits is really a clean install, it boils down khổng lồ these steps:

Boot from Windows installation media & install the new 64-bit version of Windows from scratch.Install & update all of your tools and applications from scratch.Update everything, meaning make sure that Windows, as well as your applications, is as updated as possible.

It’s a simple, short list that represents a lot of work.

Why you want to

If you’re running 32-bit Windows, you’re using less than half the 10GB of RAM you have installed. By the very nature of being 32 bit, the 32-bit version of Windows can access at most only four gigabytes of RAM, and typically much less.

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64-bit versions are the only versions of Windows that have sầu the ability to use more than four gigabytes of RAM.

Thus, I strongly suggest you move to lớn 64-bit software khổng lồ take advantage of the hardware you have.

Software compatibility

A lot has been written about compatibility concerns when moving khổng lồ 64-bits. Most of the concerns are overstated.

The majority, though certainly not all, of software that runs in 32-bit Windows runs in 64-bit Windows. Windows 64-bit has a compatibility layer specifically designed to allow 32-bit software to run.

In my experience, most software just works. Personally, I have never encountered a failure, although I have heard of rare cases where software fails — typically, it’s a failure to run in the lademo version of Windows, but occasionally it’s a failure khổng lồ run specifically in 64-bit Windows.

This is also an opportunity to lớn see if your applications themselves have been updated to run in 64-bit. Just like Windows, applications updated lớn run in 64-bit Windows will make more efficient use of the hardware & will often run slightly faster.

Next steps

My advice is pretty simple: bite the bullet and upgrade. Do the backup, reformat, and install-from-scratch described above. Plan to spkết thúc a little time with it.

But the result should be a nicely working machine that takes advantage of all the RAM you’ve given it.

Do this

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