The House of the Dead 4 was a new one to me. It only ever came out in the arcades & not to any other consoles.Correction: House of the Dead 4 was also released on ps3. It may become playable on RPCS3 at some point và I will put up a guide for that when I get khổng lồ it.I think that by the time it was released, light gun gaming at trang chủ was dying out.On the plus side, because it is more recent, the graphics are noticeably better than the earlier House of the Dead Games.House of the Dead 4 was released on the Sega Lindenburgh arcade system. That’s one of the ones that are very cthua thảm to lớn a PC which means that its nice and easy for us to emulate.You will need a copy of the game – I suggest that you tìm kiếm google for a download.The Teknoparrot emulator. You will need an older version of the emulator because of compatibility issues with Demulshooter.Cheông xã out the Demulshooter Wiki in case anything changes but at the time of writing you need version 112 which you can get here.I’m not going to lớn rewrite the instructions because you can find them on the wiki.

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The House of the Dead 4 Arcade

The House of the Dead 4 Arcade
The House of the Dead 4 originally came out on the Arcade. It came in 2 versions, there was a large screen cabinet with Uzi style light guns.& a smaller midi style cabinet with a smaller screen.
The House of the Dead PS3
There was also a version of the house of the dead for released on the ps3. It was a good port và faithful to lớn the original. It was playable as 2 players & compatible with the ps move controllers.

The house of the Dead 4 PC

The house of the Dead 4 never came out on the PC but as mentioned above sầu, you can play it using emulation of the original arcade rom.

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That has been a bit hit và moss for a while but recently its got a lot better with less bugs.Follow the link above for Teknoparrot and Demulshooter to get it up and runningFollow this links for more details on getting up & running

The House of the Dead 4 PC Download

I can’t put a liên kết khổng lồ the the house of the dead 4 pc tải về roms for legal reasons but it should be fairly easy to lớn find with some google searching.YoU need khổng lồ look for the arcade dump and that only runs on teknoparrot as far as I know. Searching for emuonline teknoparrot roms should take you to lớn a forum page that starts with a danh mục of all of the current teknoparrot roms to lớn download.

The House of the Dead 4 Ending

I’m not gong to give sầu away the ending and spoil it for you!!! You will just have sầu to play through & see for yourself!