The world’s most famous manga and anime series is coming to the Android platkhung. This time, you can enjoy playing as Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and many of your favorites from the series Attaông xã on Tirã in this amazing tactical game of Attaông xã on Titung TACTICS. Find out more about this incredible Android game with our reviews.

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This world that we’re leaving isn’t safe anymore. As time passes, the once-peaceful world has found itself being ravaged by the giant creatures called Titans. These are mindless, heartless, và clueless giant beings who know nothing other than destroying whatever stays in front of them. And one of their favorite preys is human, which appears to lớn live on every corner of the planet.

A war has broken out between the human & the giant monsters with both sides suffer heavy losses. While the Titans seem lớn have sầu disappeared, mankind also suffers heavy losses. Thus, they retreat behind the large thành phố walls that they’ve built to lớn protect themselves from the giants’ attacks.

Years have sầu gone by & people have sầu been living relatively peaceful lives. Little vày they know, outside, there still thousands of giant Titans wandering the lands, searching for their favorite preys. In additions, with the Titan things forgotten and overlooked, many children in the đô thị grow up without knowing that they’re living in such a dangerous world.

However, things start khổng lồ fall apart when the thành phố was attacked by two Titans which seems a little different compared khổng lồ other normal Titans. They possess human intelligence as well as having better physics & special abilities than others. The first one is extremely huge with a kích thước up to lớn 60 meters và the second one is covered with svào amours.

These two break the đô thị walls và cause the other Titans khổng lồ start coming inkhổng lồ the city. Thus begins a bloody massacre, in which they slowly devour the remaining citizens. As a result, people must withdraw from the outer walls.



Here you’ll learn about the amazing features that the game delivers:

Captivating stories based on the famous manga

Those who’re fans of the series will have sầu their chances to immerse themselves into lớn the world of Attachồng on Tirã. Dive into the exciting stories of your favorite characters in the series lượt thích Eren Jäger, Mikasa Ackerman, & the likes.

Being only a young 10-year-old boy at the time the Titans attachồng the walls, Eren was not entirely prepared for what about the happen. During that disastrous event, his mother Ellen Yeager was also a victlặng of the Titans. She was devoured by a female Titans that was going after her và Eren. This accident has left a great soto in Eren’s heart và encouraging hyên ổn to join the army.

Experience the world of Attack on Titung as you join your favorite characters in their own adventures. Take control of over 37 different characters & command them during your defense battle against the deadly Titans. Destroy them & bring peace lớn the lands, once and for all.

Exciting defense gameplay

In this world where the giants are the dominant species of the lands. We human must live sầu a humiliating life where we hide ourselves inside the giant walls that were built to stop the beasts. Humanity is nothing but a helpless prey before the giants.

However, there are still many who resist the despicable enemies. And that’s our soldiers in our army. Being a commander in Attaông xã on Titan TACTICS, you must take responsibility for commanding your man in your offenses and defenses against the giant monsters.

Take advantages of your huge walls, powerful artilleries, và awesome skills khổng lồ get rid of the approaching Titans. Do your best lớn fence off their attachồng khổng lồ prsự kiện the disastrous events of the past from happening again.

Put all your heart và soul inlớn the game as you khung up an elite squad of skilled soldiers that can protect the people from Titans’ attacks. Enjoy an exciting defense game which features both the tactical and action elements.


Take control of the famous characters of the series

In Attack on Titan TACTICS, players are allowed to lớn control their favorite characters from the series:

Eren Jäger – He was once an innocent boy who knows nothing about the outside world, and even dreamt of exploring the wilderness. However, after the disastrous events, he completely changed and was so obsessed about killing the Titans.Mikasa Ackerman – the svào và capable girl was rescued and raised by Ellen Jäger ever since she was still a little girl. After Ellen passed away, she becomes Eren’s clophối person.Armin Arlert – Although he often considered himself as weak and unreliable, Almin is the first person lớn taught Eren about the outside world. He is also a thành viên of the Survey Corp, which is a group of elites soldiers trained khổng lồ defover the city from Titans.Levi – The badass elite member of the Survey Corp, Levi is considered as the most capable person in the squad. He is the only one who has confronted a group of Titung và still able lớn get out intact.Elvin Smith – The captain of the Survey Corp. Even Levi must pay respect for the man.

In additions, you’ll gain access khổng lồ many main characters of the series. Train them well as they’ll help you defend your thành phố.


Different character developments

With lots of playable characters in the series, players will also have the option to choose different development path for certain characters. First of all, players can be categorized into lớn different roles depending on their preferences. This allows for a clearer development path in the future. You’ll then need lớn give them different skills, abilities, và special skills that could help them gain better advantages other the enemies.

Upgradable and customizable features

In additions khổng lồ having your character powered up with skills và abilities, you can upgrade the character thẻ or collect better cards for your own. The characters can also be equipped with powerful gears & accessories which allow them to be more effective against the Titans.

Visual & sound quality


The game features a simple graphic which doesn’t require too much hardware. In additions, the characters và Titans are displayed in suitable sizes, allowing players to lớn have good control over them. The overall experiences are also quite smooth with the game stays at a playable frame rate throughout our kiểm tra.

How lớn install APKs Bundle (Split APKs)?

Cliông chồng “Install APKs” button and select all of the APK files in the APKs Bundle.Clichồng “Select” button lớn start the installation process.


With voiced characters, Attaông xã on Titans TACTICS delivers the most immersive sầu experiences for Android gamers.

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Download Attaông chồng On Titan Tactics lademo 1.10.02 Android APK

It’s hard not to give sầu credit to the creators at DeNA Co for what they were able to introduce in Attaông xã on Titung TACTICS. Get ready for an amazing gameplay of the world famous manga franchise.