NoxPlayer is aao ước the top Android emulator to lớn play Mobile games on PC. The emulator allows you to lớn use your favourite games và apps smoothly. Most importantly, you can experience the same gaming experience as on console and PC. Besides this, Poketháng Go is one of the favourite games that everyone loves khổng lồ play. Keeping that in view, people always look for the best emulator to lớn enjoy a professional gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll have sầu a closer look at nox player pokemon go và how you can use AnyGo as an alternative for playing Poketháng Go.

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Can You Still Play Poketháng Go on NoxPlayer?

Playing a poketháng go nox phầm mềm player is quite easy nowadays. The PC emulator allows you to lớn play any of your games, especially pokemon go. To play your top games, you need to lớn install the emulator first, and here’s how khổng lồ vì chưng it:

Download the Nox Player from the official website.xuất hiện và install the emulator on your PC. The installation process may take some time to complete.

After completion of installation, tap on the show the start button. Launch the Nox phầm mềm player on your PC.
Open Google Play Store and log in using your Google tài khoản for installing your apk apps.

Useful Tips for Playing Pokemon Go Using NoxPlayer

Here are 6 tips for you to play Pokemon Go by using NoxPlayer better.

Tip 1. Use any virtual location for moving worldwide with ease and discover more Poketháng in less time. For example, look for the “V-loc” option in the toolbar and add “California” or any other place in the search box. Then select any location in California on the NoxPlayer’s bản đồ. You’ll be able lớn locate Pokemon there without any hurdle.

Tip 2. Many factors, including the Pokemon type & the props used in the capture, will affect the capture rate. The ring colour is the visual representation of the capture rate. The green colour indicates the high capture rate, & other colours include yellow-green, yellow, red, và orange. The capture rate of the red circle is just 10%. Therefore, you need to use different techniques for the successful conquer.

Tip 3. Most players recommkết thúc the use of the spinning ball to capture Pokemon. The reason is that if you capture Pokemon using the spinning ball, the capture rate will be improved. The capture rate will increase by nearly about 10%. The method is lớn rapidly rotate the ball either counter wise or clockwise before you throw the ball. Then, you need khổng lồ throw it lớn the top right or top left.

Tip 4. Make sure to use any virtual location and try to switch coordinate as many as possible. Doing this means you’ll have sầu more chances of capturing more Pokemon.

Tip 5. Use a separate Pokemon Go trương mục as several users complain that their accounts get blochồng when they log in through Nox Player Poketháng Go.

Tip 6. Be more careful & watch out for a ban on Poketháng Go because the game puts a different cấp độ of bans on players who violates terms & conditions. Moreover, if you continuously change your location several times then Pokemon will ban you. Don’t use Pokemon Go on Nox again, as it’ll put a permanent ban on you.

NoxPlayer Poketháng Go Unable khổng lồ Authenticate 2021 How to lớn Fix

Is Poketháng Go Nox not working? Nothing khổng lồ worry about. You’ll know how you can fix errors after the recent nox player pokemon go update. Let’s get started now:

After receiving NoxPlayer Poketháng Go unable lớn authenticate the 2021 error, open “Settings” in Nox player.Head khổng lồ the General Setting, look for the “Root” option và then uncheck the checkbox.

Cthảm bại the emulator and disable GPS on your phone.xuất hiện Poketháng Go and It’ll notify you that your GPS location is turned off.mở cửa the NoxPlayer on your PC và enjoy your favourite game.

Part 4: Alternative lớn NoxPlayer for playing Poketháng Go

The best alternative khổng lồ NoxPlayer for playing Pokemon Go is AnyGo, a tool that helps you change your location khổng lồ play your game easily. Moreover, this tool also allows you to lớn manage fake locations on multiple devices at the same time. You need to lớn perform the following steps lớn continue playing Poketháng Go.

Step 1. You need lớn connect your iPhone to lớn the PC. Then open the AnyGo và clichồng on the “Start” button on the main screen.

Step 2. If you’re on the bản đồ, you’ll see your current location. The maps will then appear on the next window. Just incase the location of yours is incorrect, you need to click on the “Center on” inhỏ to lớn get the accurate location.

Step 3. Clichồng on the “Teleport” at top right corner of the iPhone’s screen. and, enter your preferred location và cliông chồng on the “Search” button.

Step 4. The maps will move sầu to lớn the new location you entered in the tìm kiếm bar. Now, cliông chồng on the “Go” button khổng lồ change the location.

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NoxPlayer is the state-of-the-art PC emulator for playing all favourite Android games và apps. In this guide, we’ve explained about the NoxPlayer và how you can install it khổng lồ play games on your computer. NoxPlayer Pokemon Go update often come with a lot of bugs. Therefore, you need to fix bugs whenever you try khổng lồ play a game. To prsự kiện this bug-fixing headabít, you can use AnyGo. It’s a perfect tool to change your current location for playing Pokemon Go.