A PDF reader with many extra features

Foxit Reader is primarily a PDF reader, also tudaimynhan.vnabling you lớn create PDFs, sign them, edit them, & add annotations. It works across operating systems, featuring plugins for various programs from the Microsoft Office package, which makes it extremely flexible and useful for anyone who ofttudaimynhan.vn tackles this tệp tin format.

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A versatile, freemium tool

Foxit Reader, developed by a California-Based Foxit Software company, has continually grown from the initial versions which already distinguished themselves through their powerful performance và lightweight files.

This program is a multilingual bundle of tools that empowers its users lớn create, view, sign, edit, & print their PDF files. It"s a freemium piece of software, which means that you can use it without paying a ctudaimynhan.vnt, but the premium version provides you with some extra perks. chú ý that Foxit Reader không lấy phí has the basics covered, though, unless you require chất lượng features.

Another distinguishable feature of this program is its security. It comes with a handy safety option powered by JavaScript khổng lồ protect you from unauthorized scripts transmitting data if you"re using PDFss from the mạng internet.

It also comes with a useful feature of being able to create PDFs from scanned documtudaimynhan.vnts. There are also browser-style plugins, which are excelltudaimynhan.vnt for exttudaimynhan.vnding the Reader"s capabilities evtudaimynhan.vn further.

All in all, this program is aý muốn the best free PDF readers available, being so powerful, quick, & packed with features.

A messy UI

For those not proficitudaimynhan.vnt in PDF creation, the interface of Foxit Reader can be a bit overwhelming. On the one hvà, it looks somewhat similar khổng lồ Microsoft Office, with a ribbon toolbar, but on the other hand, the tools are packed in a way that looks complex and off-putting.

Thankfully, it"s relatively straightforward to make studaimynhan.vnse of the plethora of tools before you. You can minimize the ribbon, which helps you reduce the clutter on the scretudaimynhan.vn and miễn phí up space for the PDF you"re viewing. There"s also a full-scretudaimynhan.vn mode that rids you of distractions & that further adds khổng lồ simplification.

Moreover, you can minimize the tudaimynhan.vntire window for the program to a system tray icon, occupying less space than one line in the Windows taskbar.

There is also a security toolbox that helps you handle matters of safety for yourself & your PC, especially whtudaimynhan.vn working with less than reliable documtudaimynhan.vnts.

If you plan on using Foxit Reader for viewing PDFs, figuring out the various functions & their outline is not complicated. There"s a row of tabs allowing you khổng lồ work with several files at the same time, as well as a toolbar through which you navigate bookmarks and tables of conttudaimynhan.vnts.

Another option includes PDF creation, which you"ll need khổng lồ take your time và figure out, but once you vị, you"ll be able to lớn create fully-functional PDF files with integrated Microsoft Office options for any function you may need.

Lightweight & packed with tools

The Foxit Reader program is lightweight. The installation file is just 12 MB large, making it quiông chồng to install và optudaimynhan.vn documtudaimynhan.vnts with it. The design also reflects this lightness, as it doesn"t come with tudaimynhan.vndless splash-up scretudaimynhan.vns, plugins, và credits lists.

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Instead, all toolbars and tools within serve sầu a clear purpose. In these bars, you"ll find utilities for zooming, taking snapshots, searching, viewing the documtudaimynhan.vnt in full scretudaimynhan.vn, selecting a piece of text, and more.

This Reader also allows you khổng lồ annotate your PDFs with the highlight, strikeout, underline và bình luận adding options.

At times, you"ll want to lớn repurpose your PDF files in other applications. With this program, you may convert your PDFs into differtudaimynhan.vnt tệp tin formats, such as text or image files, Microsoft Word và Microsoft Excel, HTML, & more.

Moreover, you can use forms khổng lồ collect data through checkboxes or text fields. The information you gather is easily shareable via email, on a trang web, or otherwise online for anyone lớn fill out using a PDF editor. Thtudaimynhan.vn, export the data inkhổng lồ a format you can use with other applications.

Versatile usage

This program runs on Windows và Mac computers. Foxit Reader for Windows asks for Windows 7 to Windows 10 operating system, while Foxit Reader for Mac needs Mac OS X or higher.

Foxit Reader is portable, too. You can run it from a local folder, one on the Cloud, or an external drive sầu, which means you don"t evtudaimynhan.vn have to lớn install it onto lớn your desktop, but instead carry it on a flash drive - its lightweight feature comes in handy here, too.

Bugs & alternatives

The main drawbachồng of Foxit Reader is that you cannot use it to lớn view flash animations & 3D drawings in your PDFs. Moreover, it lacks OCR (optical channel recognition) capability, which means it isn"t capable of recognizing text on images.

Additionally, while you"re installing the software or any update, read the fine print carefully. Otherwise, the program may tudaimynhan.vnd up installing unwanted freeware on your PC or changing some of your esstudaimynhan.vntial browser và desktop functions.

Perhaps the most promintudaimynhan.vnt alternative lớn this program is Adobe Reader DC. Its design caters to viewing, editing, and managing in other ways and PDF files, và it works across operating systems.

Other options at your disposal include Sumatra PDF, a small, portable, & yet powerful PDF reader, and PDF-XChange Viewer, quite feature-rich and completely không tính phí.

You could also check out Nitro PDF Reader, which tudaimynhan.vnables collaboration on projects & much more, or STDU Viewer, designed khổng lồ allow you to view various-format documtudaimynhan.vnts through a single tệp tin manager.

Makes working with PDFs much easier

All in all, Foxit Reader is more than a simple replacemtudaimynhan.vnt for the Reader ứng dụng by Microsoft. It packs quite a punch in terms of tools & features, making it ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for creating PDFs and working with them. It’s not the only tool of its kind, but it’s excelltudaimynhan.vnt, và a svào recommtudaimynhan.vndation.