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tudaimynhan.vn is a web-centric format & software platsize for distributing documents and images.tudaimynhan.vn can advantageously replace PDF, PS, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF fordistributing scanned documents, digital documents, or high-resolutionpictures. tudaimynhan.vn nội dung downloads faster, displays & renders faster, looks nicer on a screen, & consume less client resources than competing formats. tudaimynhan.vn images display instantly và can be smoothly zoomed and panned with no lengthy re-rendering.tudaimynhan.vn is used by hundreds of academic,commercial, governmental, & non-commercial web sites around the world.tudaimynhan.vnLibre is an open source (GPL"ed) implementation of tudaimynhan.vn, including viewers, browser plugins, decoders, simple encoders, và utilities.

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tudaimynhan.vnLibre includes a standalone viewer, a browser plug-in (for Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror, Netscape, Galeon, & Opera), & command line tools (decoders, encoders, utilities).tudaimynhan.vnLibre works under Unix with X11.Native sầu plugins for MSWindowsvà MacOSX are freely available from LizardTech Inc..The new portable viewer djview4is available as a separate package.
tudaimynhan.vn (pronounced "déjà vu") a phối of compression technologies,a file format, và a software platform for the delivery over the Web of digital documents, scanned documents, & high resolution images.tudaimynhan.vn documents tải về & display extremely quickly, and look exactlythe same on all platforms with no compatibility problems due lớn fonts,colors, etc. tudaimynhan.vn can be seen as a superior alternative sầu toPDF và PostScript for digital documents, lớn TIFF (và PDF) for scannedbitonal documents, to lớn JPEG và JPEG2000 for photographs và pictures, and lớn GIF for large palettized images. tudaimynhan.vn is the only Web format that is practical for distributing high-resolution scanned documents in color. No other format comes cthất bại. Typical tudaimynhan.vn file sizes are as follows:bitonal scanned documents: 5 lớn 30KB per page at 300dpi (3 to 10 times smaller than PDF or TIFF)color scanned documents: 30 to 100KB per page at 300dpi (5 khổng lồ 10 times smaller than JPEG).photos: 2 times smaller than JPEG, about the same as JPEG-2000, but the decoder/renderer is progressive and has minimal memory requirements.palettized images: 2 times smaller than GIF (up lớn 10 times if it"s mostly text).digital (non scanned) documents: between 1 và 3 times smaller than PDF or gzipped PS (depending on the amount of pictures), but rendering, page flipping, zooming, panning are incomparably faster, & the image chất lượng on screen desplays is much better (antialiased text, etc).More importantly, all tudaimynhan.vn images render very quickly & can be smoothly zoomed & panned.Pages of a document can be turned instantly, with no annoying delay.tudaimynhan.vn is used by hundreds of academic,commercial, governmental, and non-commercial web sites around the world to lớn distribute scanned documents, digital documents, và high-resolution photos.A short technical description of tudaimynhan.vn is available here.Demos, và general information about tudaimynhan.vn can be found at tudaimynhan.vnZone.org,or at LizardTech.com.tudaimynhan.vn was originally developped at AT&T Labs-Retìm kiếm.In March 2000, AT&T sold tudaimynhan.vn to LizardTech Inc. whonow distributes Windows/CE/Mac plug-ins, & commercial encoders.tudaimynhan.vnLibre is an open source implementation of tudaimynhan.vn. See the credits/history page for moredetails.
What"s inside tudaimynhan.vn?
A short technical description of tudaimynhan.vn is available here.In short, tudaimynhan.vn is a multipage document format that can use a number of differentcoder/decoders (codecs) lớn compress the individual chunks that compose animages or a page. In fact, tudaimynhan.vn is really four compression techniques wrapped into one format:tudaimynhan.vnPhoto (aka IW44): A progressive, wavelet-based lossy compression format for continuous-tone images (i.e. photos and pictures).tudaimynhan.vnBitonal (aka JB2): A lossless or lossy compression technique for bitonal (black & white) or palettized images that is particularly effective on images with repeated shapes (such as documents images where the same character appears many times in the document).tudaimynhan.vnDocument: A technique for scanned color document that separates images into a foreground layer that contains the text and line drawings, & a background layer that contains the pictures & background textures. The foreground is encoded with tudaimynhan.vnBitonal và the Background with tudaimynhan.vnPhoto.

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BZZ: A general-purpose data compression technique similar to bzip2. Bzz is used to compress searchable text layers và other metadata in tudaimynhan.vn documents.tudaimynhan.vn can be seen as nicely complementing PNGand MNG (which, unlike tudaimynhan.vn are lossless formats) in the areas of documentimage compression và lossy pholớn compression. tudaimynhan.vnPhoto is a bit older, butsimilar in spirit lớn JPEG-2000. It is on a par with JPEG-2000 in terms ofimage unique and file kích thước, but it compares favorably in terms of renderingtime và memory requirements. tudaimynhan.vnBitonal is better than MMR/GroupIV (used byPDF, TIFF, and most fax machines) by about a factor of 3 to lớn 10. It is alsobetter than the emerging standard JBIG2 by about 20%.
What is tudaimynhan.vnLibre?
In an effort lớn promote tudaimynhan.vn as a Web standard, LizardTech"s management was enlightened enough to lớn release the reference implementation of tudaimynhan.vn under the GNU GPL in October 2000. tudaimynhan.vnLibre (pronounced like the French "déjà vu libre", which means free tudaimynhan.vn), is an enhanced version of that code maintained by the original inventors of tudaimynhan.vn.It is compatible with version 3.5 of LizardTech"s tudaimynhan.vn software suite.tudaimynhan.vnLibre includes:A standalone tudaimynhan.vn viewer for Unix under X11 (based on the Qt library).A browser plugin that works with most Unix browsers, including: Netscape-4.x, Netscape-6.x, Mozilla, Galeon, Konqueror, & Opera.A full-fledged wavelet-based compressor for pictures.A simple compressor for bitonal (blaông chồng and white) scanned pages.A very simple compressor for scanned color pages.A compressor for palettized images (a la GIF/PNG).A full phối of utilities to lớn manipulate and assemble tudaimynhan.vn images and documents.A set of decoders to convert tudaimynhan.vn lớn a number of other formats.An up-to-date version of the C++ tudaimynhan.vn Reference LibraryWindows và Mac versions of the viewer/plug-in, miễn phí Windows compressors, & high-kết thúc commercial compressors & OCR engines are available from LizardTech Inc..The compressors provided here are slower, produce larger files (sometimeswith lower image quality) than the commercial compressors, but they bởi vì the job. For those who lượt thích quick solutions without having to lớn install software, a variety of không tính tiền web-based conversion services are also available, including Any2tudaimynhan.vn andBib2Web.tudaimynhan.vn Libre