Microsoft currently came into lớn the limelight due lớn its upcoming Windows 11. But, when baông xã in 2013, Microsoft launched the new productivity suite, i.e., Microsoft Office 2013, it got a lot of love. Some of the users still want that office 2013 because they are now handy with that version.

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However, at that time, this was an immense change in the history of Microsoft Office, và with it comes a premium subscription package like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint has never looked better, although there are a couple of rough spots still people lượt thích this fantastic application.

But, as we stated, it’s a paid feature, & khổng lồ use its services, you need to purchase its hàng hóa key from Microsoft’s official website. Don’t worry! We are here with a downloading guide to help you tải về Office 2013 (32 + 64 Bit) on your Windows PC. So, let’s get started with the guide.

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How To Download MS Office 2013 (Professional Plus) Free Full Version

How To Download MS Office 2013 (Professional Plus) Free Full Version

There are three methods available, using which you can download Office 2013 Pro Plus on your Windows PC. Don’t worry! We mentioned all the methods in this article. But, what will you get in Microsoft Office 2013? Well, you will get these services:


If you are a college student và have an official college gmail, you can get Office 2013 for free. Mircosoft offers Office 365 không lấy phí for all students or teachers. So, we recommend if you have an tài khoản, then use it.

You need to go lớn the link given below khổng lồ register or create your student tài khoản, và after that, it will redirect you lớn the downloading page.

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Registration Link:Office 365 (Office 2013)

Method 3: Download và Install Microsoft Office 2013 (Unlocked)

We have shared the download link below. You can use that liên kết to lớn get the MS Office 2013 full version. This is a cracked version, and you do not need to spend a single penny khổng lồ get all the premium features.

However, once you download the tệp tin, uninstall the current version of Office from your device and disconnect your PC from the internet. Then, start the installation process và install Office 2013 by following the on-screen instruction.

Now, you are allowed lớn use the unlock version of Mircosoft Office, but as we have sầu stated that this is an unlocked or cracked version; therefore, the Office services that require an mạng internet connection will not work.

Download Link:Unlochồng Version Of Office 2013

So, these are some methods using which you tải về the Office 2013 (professional plus) 32 + 64 Bit version for free on your Windows PC. We hope this guide helped you to lớn tải về it. But, in case you need any help khổng lồ tải về this service, liên hệ us in the comment section.