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I think, you surely have sầu known about the KMSpiteo Tool. Didn’t you? KMSpico is a KMS Activator that helps you activate ALL versions of windows as well as ALL versions of Microsoft Office. That’s why we named this KMSpiteo Final.

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Those who are not using windows 10 because they are not able to tăng cấp it from the older version of Windows (8.1, 8, 7) as they don’t have sầu registered copy of older versions of Windows. Besides this, it can activate Windows 10 too và is known as the BEST ACTIVATOR FOR WINDOWS 10. We also have sầu Windows 10 ISO Setup All Versions.

Features of KMSpico

Size is 2MB.Fully secure và working.No malware found, totally clean.One-cliông chồng activation.Genuine Windows Activation.Offline activation.Free Download.Automatic KMS Activation.Lifetime Activation.Renew or remove sầu activation.Supports for all languages.All versions of 32bit & 64bit with automatic detection.

Supported Products by KMSpico

WindowsWindows ServersOffice
Windows XPhường. (SP1, SP2, SP3)Windows Server 2008Office 2007
Windows Vista (Pro, Enterprise Business)Windows hệ thống 2008 R2 (Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise)Office 2010
Windows 7 (Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate)Windows server 2012Office 2013
Windows 8 all editionsWindows VPS 2012 R2 (Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise)Office 2016
Windows 8.1 all editions
Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise

How to lớn activate using KMSpico?

Turn OFF all types of Antivirut & Firewalls during this process. Don’t worry it is totally safe.

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Windows 7 or lower versions users must have .Net Framework 4.0

Download & install KMSpico just as any other software. HERENow, go to the installation directory of KMSpico.Run KMSeldi.exe pháo.A window will appear, here clichồng on Red button.


All the Microsoft Products (Windows & Office) will be activated automatically.

Note: Download KMSpico from our site. It is also present on other websites. But we have cleaned it and shared tested version.


If liked this software, you should by Product Keys from the Microsoft Company.