It’s been a very long time since I’ve sầu checked in on Final Fantasy XIII—lượt thích, over a decade—but the game had a PC version released back in 2014, which means modders have had some time lớn work with it. And vì incredible things.

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While the game was originally released in 2009, the năm trước PC port was not great, suffering from a range of issues lượt thích low resolution images and a dearth of graphics options (something major Japanese publishers are still struggling with when bringing console games lớn PC).

Now though, it’s looking lượt thích it came out in 2021, thanks khổng lồ a collection of mods made by GreenThumb2. One improves practically every environmental texture in the game, allowing players lớn enjoy FFXIII at the higher resolutions PC gamers are often used khổng lồ. One swaps out the PC version’s terrible 720p cutscenes for smoother, 1080p ones (though at a huge cost to lớn your HDD space).

But the most noticeable change takes FFXIII’s in-game character models—at least for the main cast—and replaces them with their cutscene models, which are much more detailed (with higher polygon counts & higher resolution textures), more visually impressive as a result.


Previously reserved for some cutscenes, Lightning’s cutscene model can now be used throughout the entire game.Screenshot: Greenthumb2

Final Fantasy XIII’s place in our collective sầu consciousness has been overshadowed of late, not only by the greater success of Final Fantasy XV but also the continued popularity of the MMO Final Fantasy XIV và the insatiable appetite for ports, re-releases và remakes of classics like Final Fantasy VII.

Yet as Heather wrote a couple of years bachồng, there’s a lot khổng lồ love sầu about the game over a decade later, so if these mods have sầu you considering taking a refresher, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Especially now that it’ll look so much better.

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If you’ve sầu got FFXIII on PC, you can find all the files needed to lớn try this out at GreenThumb2's Nexus page.

Thanks Samiya!

No amount of graphical polishing will change the fact that the gameplay, the environmental thiết kế, the character development, & the narrative are all fundamentally flawed. You can’t polish a turd, và FFXIII is still a turd underneath all its superficial glamour. Even the soundtrachồng, one of the better elements of the game, suffers from being incredibly forgettable.