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Ok. Hal pertama yang pertama. Jika Andomain authority ingin menggunakan aplikamê man di komputer Andomain authority, pertama-tama kunjungi toko Mac atau Windows AppStore dan cari aplikamê mệt Bluestacks atau tautung Aplikađắm say Nox . Sebagian besar tutorial di web merekomendasikan aplikayêu thích Bluestacks dan saya mungkin tergoda untuk merekomendasikannya juga, karena Andomain authority lebih mudah mencari solumê mệt secara online jika Andomain authority kesulichảy menggunakan aplikamê mệt Bluestacks di komputer Anda. Andomain authority dapat mengunduh perangkat lunak Bluestacks Pc atau Mac di sini .

Langkah 2: Instal emulator di PC atau Mac

Setelah Andomain authority mengunduh emulator pilihan Andomain authority, buka thư mục Downloads di komputer Andomain authority untuk menemukan emulator atau aplikayêu thích Bluestacks.Setelah Anda menemukannya, klik untuk menginstal aplikayêu thích atau exe padomain authority PC atau komputer Mac Andomain authority. Sekarang klik Berikutnya untuk menerima perjanjian lisenđam mê. Ikuti petunjuk di layar untuk menginstal aplikasi mê dengan benar. Jika Andomain authority melakukan hal di atas dengan benar, aplikamê mệt Emulator akan berhasil diinstal.

Langkah 3: The Sims™ FreePlay untuk PC - Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Sekarang, buka aplikaham mê Emulator yang telah Andomain authority instal dan cari bilah pencariannya. Setelah Anda menemukannya, ketik The Sims™ FreePlay di bilah pencarian dan tekan Cari. Klik The Sims™ FreePlayikon aplikamê say. Jendela The Sims™ FreePlay di Play Store atau toko aplikasay đắm akan terbuka dan itu akan menampilkan Toko di aplikasay mê emulator Anda. Sekarang, tekan tombol Install dan seperti padomain authority perangkat iPhone atau Android, aplikamê say Anda akan mulai mengunduh. Sekarang kita secài đặt sudah selekhông nên. Andomain authority akan melihat ikon yang disebut "Semua Aplikasi". Klik dan akan membawa Andomain authority ke halaman yang beriham mê sedownload aplikađắm say yang Andomain authority pasang trọng. Andomain authority harus melihat ikon. Klik dan mulai gunakan aplikaham mê.

Langkah 4: The Sims™ FreePlay untuk Mac OS

Hai. Penggumãng cầu Mac! Langkah-langkah untuk menggunakan The Sims™ FreePlay untuk Mac sama persis dengan yang untuk OS Windows di atas. Yang perlu Anda lakukan hanyalah menginstal Nox Application Emulator atau Bluestachồng di Macintosh Anda. Anda bisa mendapatkan di sini .

From the creators of The Sims ™ series of best-selling sản phẩm điện thoại games comes a complete Sims experience that you can play on your iPhone & iPad! What’s your story? Create it with your Sims in real-time, customize their wardrobes, build their homes, và help them live out their dreams. Complete goals to lớn earn Simoleons, exp& your Syên Town and piông xã up rewards along the way. Keep your Sims happy and watch them thrive as you help them live a fun & fulfilled life!_________________LET THE FREEPLAY BEGIN! CREATE UP TO 34 CUSTOMIZED SIMS FROM HEAD TO TOE, AND…• Design & build dream homes complete with swimming pools, multiple stories and incredible decor!• Live sầu out your perfect Sims story at every stage of life from Babies to Seniors• Get khổng lồ know your Sims và give them chất lượng personalities for them lớn live out their life dreams• Visit your real friends’ Syên ổn Towns! Complete goals, form new relationships & compare your friends’ interior design skills against yours!• Care for pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake• Give sầu your Sims careers và earn Simoleons khổng lồ improve their situations• Complete goals for Lifestyle Points, then spover them on hip items• Live sầu with your Sims in real-time or use the Augmented Reality feature lớn bring your lademo build in to lớn your world! MORE SIM-ULATING POSSIBILITIESWill your Sims be friends – or enemies? Form relationships with a slap, a high-five (or some Woohoo!). Make your town bustle with pet stores, car dealerships, supermarkets và even a beach! Expand your city as you get more Sims._________________THE CRITICS LOVE IT!This phầm mềm has received more than 400 million downloads & counting!5 STARS ...The Sims FreePlay is everything you could ever want a freemium Sims game to lớn be.” (Gamezebo)“10/10 …one of the most addictive & highly polished games available & there’s no excuse for anyone to not download it; especially since it is không lấy phí lớn play (the clue’s in the title).” (God is a Geek)_________________FOLLOW US atTwitter TheSimsFreePlayEA_________________PLEASE NOTE:- This game requires 1.8GB total storage.- This game is miễn phí lớn play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Apple tài khoản.

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You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. See http://support.táo.com/kb/HT4213 for more info.- Advertising appears in this game.- A network connection is required lớn play._________________