Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter 1.0.8Achiến tranh Mod (Money) + Data Android


Crossfire: Zombie Survival is a hardcore và realistic online first-person action shooter. trò chơi setting shows you the world of Western in the 19th Century with a touch of mystery. Show your courage, fight monsters & zombies bustling the cities lớn stay alive. Hide together with others far away in the forest preparing for the battle with returning from dead!

Main features:

12 unique realistic locations:villages, cities, forest, mills, mines and sawmills.

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Weapons from the over of the 19th centurythat you’ve sầu never tried before. Shoot with Double Barrel Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Colt 1911 và other classic arsenal.

First class graphic design& visuals don’t make you doubt this is real.

Adapted lớn the variety of devicesstarting from 2015 keeping high chất lượng FPS (50+) at the same time.

Sophisticated shooting— make sure you reach your target and kill all the enemies.

Offline mode:play without internet at any place và time.

You are a hunter, a mercenary whose goal is to lớn kill as many monsters và undead as possible. You are not alone in this fight, other players will try to lớn complete the assignment faster và better than you. Play in the middle of the day, during the sunphối or at night. trò chơi offers over 120 missions starting from the simple ones &, when your skills improve sầu, your challenges get harder.

More missions you complete, more perks game offers. Gain gaming experience và increase the status of your profile to lớn access all kinds of weapons:

Combat Knife Revolver Colt 1911 Double Barrel Shotgun R870 Shotgun Hunting Rifle M1A Assault Rifle Crossbow

It doesn’t over there. Once you put your hands on a new weapon, you can improve sầu its combat characteristics: damage, accuracy, rate of fire & magazine capacity. On top of a great set of armery use grenades, Molotov cocktails và get help with first aid kits.

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Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter is a revolution in this genre. Download the app today to experience an amazing combination of world class graphics, smooth physics & perfect control. Find your way out và mix yourself free!


“APK” install it on your device. “com.lcp.zsurvivalfps” folder “android /obb” copy inlớn. Enter the game.